Parent Council

To contact NCES or send etransfers please send to:

Neerlandia Christian Education Society Board of Directors 2022-2023


Amanda Batty – Chairperson
780 674 6788 (H)

780 305 6118 (C)

Sheryl (Sheri) Strydhorst  – Outgoing Chairperson

780 674 2167 (H)

780 284 1849 (C)

Nicole Wierenga – Incoming chairperson

780 674 5591 (H)

780 674-0874 (C)

Kirstie Schatz – Secretary


 Laura Braucht – Treasurer

780 674 7334 (C)

 Charlene Fleming – Playground Liaison

780 584 2533 (H)

 Shawna Sotnikow – Hot Lunch Coordinator

780 284-0061 (C)

Geraldine Wierenga – Community + PCCE Rep

780 674 4987 (H)

PHSD – School Trustee: Victoria Kane
Brett Seatter, Principal of NPCS
Debbie Fisher, Admin. Assistant of NPCS

Meeting Dates

The NPCSC/NCES generally meet Monday evenings at the end of each month. The meetings take place in the NPCS Science Lab at 6:30 pm. Parents & community members are invited to attend these meetings.

Upcoming meetings:

October 17th @6:30pm–NPCSC
November 14th @ 7:30pm–NCES/Fundraiser meeting
January 16th @6:30pm–NPCSC
February 13th @7:30pm–NCES/Future Planning
March 20th @ 6:30pm–NPCSC
April 17th @7:30pm–NCES
May 15th @ 6:30pm–NPCSC
June 12th @ 7:30pm–NCES

NPCSC meeting agendas & minutes are posted below.

What we do?

MISSION – The Neerlandia Public Christian School Council and Neerlandia Christian Education Society provides advisory support to the principal to further our children’s Christian education and understanding of God’s presence in all aspects of life.


1. Encourage excellence in learning, holding the Bible as the infallible Word of God.
2. Provide a strong support network of parents, guardians and community members who care about the students, staff, and school.
3. Actively participate in school life and discuss current issues pertaining to the school.

NPCS is a unique school in which the community and parents/guardians are keepers of the vision that drives us. The School Council’s role is to provide community input and advise in order to support the education of the students. The Christian Education Society is our community promoting and supporting the Christian character of education at this school.

The NCES (Neerlandia Christian Education Society) ensures that the teachers have access to Christian curriculum resources and professional development, including the Prairie Centre for Christian Education’s annual teacher’s convention. The Society subsidises bus costs for students from Barrhead and outside the Neerlandia attendance area.

As a parent you have the opportunity and calling to be actively involved in the school through the School Council and NCES board. Please consider prayerfully how you can support us as we seek to serve you in your children’s education.


By Laws