Jr. High Volleyball teams are split into A and B teams. Usually the A team is made up of Gr. 8 & 9 players and the B team is Gr. 7 & some Gr. 8 players. We usually place well in tournaments and have several banners in the gym from many different years.


Basketball Jr. High

We have Jr. High Basketball Teams and if there are enough players then they are split into A & B teams. For the 2019/2020 year we have one Jr. High Girls Basketball team and we have two Boys Basketball teams – Gr. 7 boys & Gr. 8/9 boys team.

Basketball Elementary

Gr. 4-6 students have the opportunity to play ‘fun’ basketball after school for 1 hour, twice a week between January & March.  We are starting to play some away games and will attend a  tournament in February for the 2019/2020 year.


Jr. High students play soccer in the fall (optional) and usually attend at least one tournament at Fawcett along with Pembina North and other schools.

Cross Country

We offer a short season for students to participate in a Cross Country Run (usually at Westlock Golf Course).  This is an optional program offered just to Gr. 4-9 students.


We offer Jr. High students the opportunity to play Badminton. Our season usually begins in March (after Basketball season) and continues until end of April. They play in Barrhead tournaments and we host a Neerlandia/Barrhead Challenge at BCH each year.

Track & Field

Jr. High students have an opportunity to participate in Track and Field events in late Spring and usually attend at least one competition within Pembina Hills school division.

Our Gr. 4-6 students have the opportunity to participate in Track & Field events along with other Pembina Hill’s schools – Clyde, Busby & Pembina North. We take turns hosting this event.

Running Team

Starting in the 2018/2019 school year we have a Running Team started. Mr. Brent Wierenga is coaching and for the 2019/2020 school year we have an Elementary team (made up of 24 students) and a Jr. High team (11 students). They will be competing in some events at the Edmonton Kinsmen Fieldhouse and Butterdome (between Jan. – Mar., 2020)