The PHSD Division Focus for 2022-23 is centered on literacy, numeracy, support for staff, and student-staff relationships.   We are proud of the work that our teachers and staff are doing in all these areas to see student achievement and success.    A variety of teaching methods and resources are used throughout our building and we continue to see academic growth in our student body.

At NPCS we are also challenging our students to see God’s presence integrated into each of our subjects with Biblical Studies, and prayer as key supports in developing students who will joyfully serve our God. We are supported in this important work by the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE).

Alberta Education has a Literacy and Numeracy webpage that offers advice to parents on how they can assist their children to succeed in these areas.  

Alberta Education also has an excellent webpage that guides parents through the different areas of study that their children will experience throughout their school career.  This link will take you to that site: My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource

Debbie Fisher