Week at a Glance Oct 13 -16 2020

Thanks to everyone who sent in cash or purchased food at the grocery stores for our Food Bank Drive. Almost $400.00 cash was raised plus all the donated food items.  Thank you!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Upcoming events:

Oct. 12: Thanksgiving Day (no classes)

Oct. 13 : Volleyball games – Our Jr. & Sr. Boys teams will be playing at Eleanor Hall School in Clyde on Tues. (Jr. team plays at 3:40 and Sr. at 4:30). 

Oct. 14:  Sr. Girls Volleyball team will be playing in Clyde on Wed. after school.

Oct. 15: Individual pictures will be taken on Thurs. morning (start at 8:30 am). We will work our way up the grades. The Mon./Wed. Kindergarten class can have their pictures taken on Retake Day (Nov. 18) unless parents want to drive them in on Oct. 15 and have them taken during morning recess time.  Pictures will be taken in the Foyer.  All orders will be done online.

Oct. 15: deadline for  Chicken nugget order forms to be handed in for the lunch that will be hosted by our Parent Council (NCES) on Oct. 21.

Friday, Oct. 16:  Crazy Hair Day