2018/2019 Remembrance Day Contest winners!

Mr. Herman Barkemeyer along with Mr. John Tiemstra joined us for our Monday morning assembly (June 10) to present Remembrance Day awards to several of our Gr. 5-9 students.

Students received framed certificates and monetary gifts. Some of our students received more than one award and a few went on to win at District Level.

Congratulations to all!

Order in picture (left to right)
Mr. Herman Barkemeyer, Faith Renfert, Felicia Van Dijk, Marian Hospers, Marissa De Vries, Gavin Henschel (behind) & Gavin Moes, Mr. John Tiemstra.
(In front)  Phillip Verheul , Kyle De Vries, Lane Tuininga, Nathan Kenyon & Denae Tuininga.
Posted on: June 10th, 2019